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Normalizing Sexual Health. Period.

What is Juni?

Juni is a welcoming and inclusive platform that caters to all people - regardless of age, gender, sexuality, and race. No matter where they are in their sexual and reproductive health journey, users are able to come to our platform to track and monitor all of their sexual health events.

Sexual health events are things like birth control, pregnancy, trying to conceive, gender-affirming hormone therapy, STIs, and menopause. Keeping tracking of your various sexual health events should not require multiple applications to track your sexual health journey.

Many Problems
One Solution - Juni

Our Solution

and inclusive platform for all people.
solution to track and monitor your sexual health events.
Reliable & Credible
source of information, advice, and resources.
Find Add and remove trackers as your journey changes.
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Find reliable information and resources.
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Get a bird's eye view of your full journey.